Remortgage With Adverse Credit

Missed payments mortgages and remortgages

Remortgage your home with adverse creditMissed payments are now seen as less of a challenge to getting a home loan than they were on the past. As more mortgage lenders have been established they have become increasingly competitive, to the benefit of those looking to borrow.

Mortgage lenders realise that it is very easy to miss a credit card payment, or have a missed loan payment. They have therefore developed mortgage and remortgage products that are suitable to people across the range on the "adverse credit scale". One missed card payment can be seen as light adverse credit, and many high street lenders may be willing to make a mortgage offer. Repeated missed payment may constitute medium adverse and may lead to being turned down for mortgages on the high street, and the need to go to a non-standard lender.

A good place to start is to either shop around, or contact a mortgage broker, and find the type of deal and offer you are likely to be able to achieve. Mortgage brokers can often attain for you an indicative quote illustrating the kind of deal you will be able to get. This can be as simple as a 5 minute conversation or filling out a form online.

Easy mortgage and remortgage search tool

Start your mortgage or remortgage search with our easy to use mortgage search toolAdverse credit mortgages and other specialist mortgages cannot normally be found on the high street. We have set up this easy search tool to help you find the brokers and lenders that can help you attain the finance you need for your home.

Fill out the form and submit to receive a fast quote from one of our qualified partner mortgage brokers. It is fast and simple to do!


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