Remortgage With Adverse Credit

Remortgage for home improvements

Remortgage your home with adverse creditAnout one in fifteen remortgages are completed in order to release money for home improvements. The main benefit of remortgaging to acquire the equity is that the borrowing is at a level much lower than personal loans.

The most common home improvements that remortgages are completed for are included below, with a note on investment value:

Central Heating - this can be a great investment as central heating is proven to raise the price of the property.

Kitchen - people buy homes on the basis of certain rooms, and having a new kitchen can also be a very good investment.

Bathroom - bathroom improvements are a popular reason to remortgage and features such as corner baths, sunken basins and whirlpools are popular with buyers.

Insulation - Roof lagging soon pays for itself in fuel savings.

Extension - overall home value is very dependent on neighbourhood so adding a grand extention may not increase proprty value as much as you would wish.

Conservatory - a conservatory is a lovely summer feature. Don't allow it to impose on the garden and make sure you get planning permission.

Loft Conversion - Carefully planned loft coversions can form a nice fature for the house. Do not expect to get your investment back in increase in property value though... you rarely will as average cost is £15,000+

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