Remortgage For People With Adverse Credit

Remortgage For People With Adverse Credit

Remortgage your home with adverse creditAn adverse credit remortgage is designed to help people with credit problems to regain their feet on the property ladder. Having had problems (been bankrupt, ccjs, ivas etc) the borrower will need to satisfy fairly stringent criteria, and will receive mortgage terms stacked in favour of the lender.

Discharged bankrupts are seen as too risky to lend to for many mortgage companies. Specialist lenders try to mitigate the risk they are taking lending to former bankrupts. Nowadays, a first time bankrupt can be discharged within a year so mortgage brokers have taken note of the business opportunity and have developed and evolved special bankrupt mortgages.

It can be a very complicated process applying for specialist mortgages, as criteria are very strict and sometimes confusting. If you find yourself in this situation it is probably advisable to seek help from a mortgage intermediary to broker the application to the right lender for you.

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Start your mortgage or remortgage search with our easy to use mortgage search toolAdverse credit remortgages and other specialist mortgages cannot normally be found on the high street. We have set up this easy search tool to help you find the brokers and lenders that can help you attain the finance you need for your home.

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