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Adverse credit lenders

Remortgage your home with adverse creditAdverse credit mortgage lenders are for people with a variety of credit challenges. It is estimated that 25% of mortgage applications are turned down and the growth of credit in England and Wales has meant that an increasing number of people need to go to specialist lenders.

These lenders protect their investment by requiring deposits, increasing interest rates, imposing tie ins, and generally counteracting the perceived risk they are taking.

Examples of adverse credit mortgage lenders

Many adverse credit mortgage lenders are not household names. This is because they often operate through intermediaries, or mortgage brokers. Although they may not be very well known many of these companies do a great deal of business. Afterall, over 2 million people in the UK owe over £10,000 in credit. Here are just a few of the lenders willing to lend to people with adverse credit:

Birmingham Midshires (part of Halifax)




Mortgage Express (owned by Bradford and Bingley)

Paragon (owned by Mortgage Trust)

Platform (owned by Brittania Building Society)

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